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Updated: 2nd December 2013 - Added the Pye CT205

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When the TV Museum is finally in it's new premises in Devon, these sets will all be on display properly. At the moment a lot of the sets are in storage, however, if you would like to see any of them in the flesh in Solihull, UK or if you have a pre 1970 colour set for sale, please email me at

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Decca CS1730 | Decca CS2501 | GEC 2041 | Pye CT205 | RCA FF567W

To kick off page 5, here's a teeny tiny 17" Decca colour set which uses the Decca "Bradford" (or similar) hybrid chassis. This set belongs to my mate Tas in St Albrans and is a real corker. For cheapness this set doesn't have any pincushion correction and that's why the edges of the screen look a bit "bowed".

Decca CS1730
Decca CS1730 17-inch Single Standard Colour TV

This set is quite unusual and I've never come across another one before. It uses the single-standard version of the Decca "Battersea" chassis. The chassis is all-but identical to its dual-standard cousin the CTV25 (see gallery page 4) but all the components involved in 405-line operation (apart from the multiband tuner) have been removed. It must have been quite a saving in cost (not to mention an increase in reliability) to remove all the nasty mechanical stuff including the system switches, solenoids, linkages and the Bowden cable. I was given this set by a very kind chap called Nick from a place called Ightham in Kent - Thanks Nick - The set is fantastic.

Decca CS2501
Decca CS2501 25-inch Single Standard Colour TV

The next set is a GEC 2041 utilising the single-standard version of the GEC hybrid colour chassis. The set was very kindly donated by a chap in London, delivered by my mate Steve from Sutton Coldfield and fixed by my mate Tas from St Albrans. Thanks Man-from-London, Steve and Tas. The set works very nicely now with a good tube and a lovely picture. The original fault was that there were some really odd blanked-out splodges on the top and bottom of the screen which could be moved about with the pincushion-phase control. This turned out to be a simple fault that the lead had become detached on one end of the line-blanking circuit near the luminance output.

GEC 2041
GEC 2041 22-inch Single Standard Colour TV

Well, I guess it had to happen. The old wreck below is the ubiquitous Pye CT205 - The set that introduced so many people to colour televiewing and the scurge of TV workshops the land over. As much as I actually love these sets, they were hardly the set they started out as. The original version, the Pye CT70, was built like a house - and weighed roughly the same - but these poor old things were all chipboard, glue, staples and Fablon. Waft the duster a bit too vigourously near the front panel and watch as bits of brown-wood-coloured plastic start to chip off before your eyes. Dare to adjust the focus control poking out the back and see it fall inside never to be seen again. Undo the plastic screws on the back cover and marvel as the fixings splinter into a hundred pieces. Hmm. Well, you get the idea... :-) This particular set really could do with a new A56-120X cathode ray tube and also the decoder wants a bit of attention as the colour disappears from time to time. Perhaps one day...

Pye CT205
Pye CT205 22-inch Single Standard Colour TV

I bought this next TV came from an excellent chap called Steve in Deeside. It's an experimental American RCA colour set from about 1965 fitted with a switchable NTSC / Simple-PAL decoder and designed to run on the standard UK 240V 50Hz supply. As can be seen in the picture, the 21-inch 21FJP22 tube has "cataracts" which are caused by air and moisture getting in round the edge of the tube between the screen and the bonded implosion-protection face-plate. The face-plate can be removed, the gunge cleaned off and then refitted but it's a pretty hair-raising job as the tube has to be heated to a high temperature. Perhaps I may get around to it one day - Apart from the tube problem the set works okay. I'll put up a better photograph one of these days.

RCA FF567W 21-inch Single Standard Colour TV

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