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Updated: 13th October 2018 (Updated Murphy CV1912 Picture).

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When the TV Museum is finally in it's new premises in Devon, these sets will all be on display properly. At the moment a lot of the sets are in storage, however, if you would like to see any of them in the flesh in Solihull, UK or if you have a pre 1970 colour set for sale, please email me at

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Baird 8724 | Baird M712 | Bush CVB100 | Bush CTV187CS | Decca CTV19 | Decca CTV22 | Decca CTV25 | Dynatron CTV5 | Dynatron CTV16 | Ferguson 3701 | Ferguson 3700 | Ferguson 7C06 | KB CK400 | Marconiphone 4701 | Murphy CV1912 | Murphy CV2011 | Philips G25K500 | Philips 21KX100

This set is quite a rarity. It's a 25" Baird 8724. It uses a first-generation Thorn 3000 single standard chassis. I bought this set from a great bloke called Haden from Wigan who had it in his back shed. The set needed a bit of work to get it into working condition, but now it has a superb picture and the tube, which was a little flat to start with, boosted well and has lasted OK up to now. Click on the picture for a bigger view.

Baird 8724
Baird Model 8724 Single Standard Thorn 3000 Chassis TV

Next is another Baird set. This is the 25" model M712. The set uses the later Baird 710 chassis which was a development of the earlier 700 chassis. The chassis are easy to identify from the front of the set, as the 700 chassis has a rotary UHF dial along with the standard rotary VHF tuner and the 710 chassis has a 4 push button UHF tuner.

Baird M712
Baird Model M712 Dual Standard Chassis TV

This set is a 1963 Bush CVB100 625-Line PAL experimental colour set. The chassis is a single standard unit of Rank's own design, and it uses some odd rebadged American valves in the line output stage as well as an American 21" RCA 21FBP22 shadowmask tube. This particular type of tube, which was also used in the Philips 21KX100 range as well as countless American sets, didn't have any implosion protection and so the set had a thick sheet of glass to protect the viewer. This set also uses a Telefunken chroma delay line in the Deluxe-PAL decoder, although the decoder design is Rank's own. Physically, the set is astonishingly well made, the chassis are all hand made and the circuits which aren't hard-wired are put together using "Pinboard". Click on the photo for a bigger view.

Bush CVB100
Bush Model CVB100 625-Line PAL experimental Colour TV

Next is a Bush CT187CS single standard colour TV which was very kindly donated to the museum by a great chap called Graham Evans. The set uses the first generation solid state A823 chassis. At the moment the set basically works, although it needs a bit of a tune up and a few minor faults to be sorted out. Not many Rank (Bush, Murphy) sets using this type of 25" tube survive today, especially in such good condition, so this was an excellent donation. (Many thanks Graham.) This picture doesn't really do the set justice, so I'll put another one up when the set is fully sorted out. In case you're wondering, the VCR underneath is a Philips N1501.

Bush CT187CS
Bush CTV187CS Single Standard A823 Chassis TV

The next piccie is of a Decca CTV19 (Prestomatic).  I swapped this set with Andy Beer for a pre-war GEC television and, although it doesn't sound like much of a swap, the pre war set was a HUGE project and was missing it's cabinet and tube, and I was never going to get around to fixing it.  Andy is much better at that sort of project than I am, so I decided it was much better for Andy to have the set and get it working than to see it gathering dust at my house.  Go to Andy's web site to see how the set is getting on. (See the Links page.)  This set uses a dual-standard chassis of similar design to the CTV25.  There were a few physical modifications between the 2 size sets, but electronically the sets were all-but identical.  This set uses a combined UHF/VHF telefunken tuner.  Most of the 25" versions used a mechanically inferior Philips type tuner. (The Philips tuner was prone to seizing up, the latches often used to slip and the feel of the buttons wasn't as nice as the Telefunken version.)

Decca CTV19
Decca CTV19 Dual Standard Chassis TV

This picture is of quite a rare set.  It is a Decca CTV22 which uses a slightly modified version of the CTV19/CTV25 chassis.  It is 1 of only 3 dual standard colour sets  that used a 22" tube.  The other 22" dual standard models were made by Rank (Bush CTV174D, Murphy CV2210D) and Philips (Philips G22K503, Stella ST2211) - Both of which I would murder for. Does anyone have one? Please... :-)  

Decca CTV22
Decca CTV22 Dual Standard Chassis TV

Here is yet another Decca. This model is a 25" dual standard model CTV25.  There were various models called "CTV25" with different cabinet styles.  The suffix indicated which particular model the set was. This set uses the Philips 6 button UHF/VHF tuner.  This set was bought from an excellent Chap called Dave from Swindon.  There is a minor crack in the top of the brown tube surround, but it can easily be repaired and moved to the bottom.

Decca CTV25
Decca CTV25 Dual Standard Chassis TV

This set is a Dynatron CTV5 and belonged to a good friend of mine called Steve from Exmouth. It originally had a Pye 691 single standard chassis inside, although somebody has replaced the line output / power supply panel with the printed circuit version from a Pye 697 chassis. The tube used in this set is unusual in not having a cowl around the outside, instead it uses the unusual A63-120X 25" tube. (The rounder-looking 25" tube with a push-through presentation.) The set now works wonderfully well apart from a small convergence problem caused by a faulty blue line-convergence coil on the yoke around the tube. This shows up as "blue droop" - the blue and yellow separate along the horizontal axis at the extremes of the picture. A large percentage of the BF149 and BC147 "Lockfit" transistors in the decoder failed within a very short space of time after the set was recomissioned - always causing no-colour faults but for a variety of different reasons. The set also had a problem with visible frame flyback lines and this was caused by a bad earth on the I.F. panel. Thanks Steve - It's a truly excellent set.

Dynatron CTV5
Dynatron CTV5 Single Standard Pye 691 Chassis TV

This picture is of a Dynatron CTV16.  It uses the Pye 697 chassis with a few modifications to the CDA and IF panels to incorporate the extra "Tint"and "Picture Sharpener" controls.  This set features a wired remote control, although one of the square channel buttons is missing on mine, which is a bit of a shame.  This particular set currently holds my record for the number of faults recorded on one set.  Although generally Pye 69x chassis sets are no less reliable than anything else of a similar age, this set has to be the most unreliable set I've ever come across.  I've had to sort out no less than 6 separate decoder faults, along with faults in the line oscillator, I.F., tuner, audio, C.D.A., line output and convergence sections.  The only panel that hasn't had a fault is the frame panel, and I'm expecting that to go wrong any day now.  I suspect the reason this set is so unreliable is to do with the construction of the cabinet and back panel which leaves very little room for heat to escape.

Dynatron CTV16
Dynatron CTV16 Single Standard Pye 697 Chassis TV

The next tellie is a 19" Ferguson model 3701 which uses the Thorn 2000 chassis.  It came from Mr and Mrs S. from Rochester in Kent.  Many thanks Mr and Mrs S.  The picture shows the set as collected from a garage where it spent the last 10 years of it's life so it needs a bit of a clean up.  See the Marconiphone 4701 description below for more information.

 Ferguson 3701
Ferguson 3701 Dual Standard Thorn 2000 Chassis TV

This TV is a Ferguson model 3700 which uses the 25" version of the Thorn 2000 chassis. The set, like the model 3701 set above, came from Mr and Mrs S. from Rochester in Kent.  This set also spent the last ten years of it's life in a garage, so it's also a bit grubby.  Unfortunately, the doors have swelled slightly in the damp conditions, but I'm hoping that they will shrink down a bit soon.

Ferguson 3700
Ferguson 3700 Dual Standard Thorn 2000 Chassis TV

The next telly is a Ferguson 7C06.  I bought it from an excellent chap called Walther from a place near Manchester.  It uses the fairly rare (in the UK) Thorn 4000 chassis and a peculiar 22 inch 110 degree tube. (A56-160X.) Apparently these sets were very unreliable owing the Thick Film Units that the set used quite extensively. My set is missing it's little cover and "Ferguson" badge on the tuning dials and also it's ultrasonic remote control, so if anyone has one of these, I'd be very pleased to hear from them.  Click on the picture for a view of the chassis.

Ferguson 7C06
Ferguson 7C06 Thorn 4000 Chassis TV

This next set is a KB model CK400, which utilises the KB CVC1 chassis, one of the last (possibly THE last) models of dual-standard (405 and 625 line) colour TV made in the UK. I've heard various stories regarding how many of these sets were made, some say less than 50, but I don't really know for sure. This set came fron an excellent chap called Graham Gosling and didn't take me much time to fix. In fact it took me no time at all to fix as a group of mates came round and fixed it for me. :-) Thanks TV-fixing-mates. The set now produces a wonderfully good picture - I'll update the image below once I've taken some fresh pictures of the set.

KB CK400
KB CK400 Dual Standard CVC1 Chassis TV

The next picture is of a Marconiphone 4701.  It uses a 19" Thorn 2000 chassis.  This set needed a moderate amount of work to get it going.  It had the usual Thorn 2000 problems with nasty "Callins" capacitors drying out and a stiff system switch etc.  Apart from the normal 2000 stuff, I had to replace the line output transistors half a dozen times as the system switch kept sticking and blowing them.  The 2000 chassis uses separate line output and EHT generator sections and the line output transistors can normally be replaced with BU208s.   Another common problem with the Thorn 2000 is the A1 decoupling resistor which goes open circuit and causes poor grey scale which can't be adjusted. 

Marconiphone 4701
Marconiphone 4701 Thorn 2000 Dual Standard Chassis TV

This next TV is a 19" 1968 Murphy CV1912. The chassis is a slightly modified version of that used in the later MK3 25 inch Murhpy CV2510 / Bush CTV25 televisions. The smaller cabinet was not wide enough to squeeze in the existing Rank 25 inch chassis unmodified, so the IF / audio panels were mounted vertically and the decoder / CDA panels were folded up and mounted opposite the IF / audio, and these were made to hinge down for servicing. The aerial sockets were also on the side rather than on the back. This particular set works pretty well although the decoders in these sets never seem to have quite enough "puff" and had to be set up perfectly to get a half-reasonable colour picture.  

Murphy CV1912
Murphy CV1912 Dual Standard Chassis TV

This next television is a single standard 20" Murphy model CV2011 using the common Rank A823 chassis.  This set came from an excellent chap called Dave from near Bournemouth. It has a couple of frame faults (A strange interlace fault and frame cramp at switch on.) 

Murphy CV2011
Murphy CV2011 Single Standard Chassis TV

The next TV is a Philips model G25K500.  It uses a slightly later version of the G6 chassis than that of the G25K500 on page 1 of the colour TV gallery.  The main difference is that this later version has no colour-off, tone or tint controls; it also has no tuning indicator.  Other than those minor differences, the sets are pretty much identical.  This is another set which came from Mr and Mrs S. from Rochester in Kent.

Philips G25K500
Philips G25K500 Dual Standard G6 Chassis TV 

This next set is another Philips experimental set model 21KX100.  It uses a similar chassis (K4) to the Philips model 21KX102A (See the colour TV gallery page 1) except that this model does not have the wired remote control facilities as the 21KX102A does.  This picture was taken in the Philips museum in Eindhoven in The Netherlands.  This set has a valve NTSC decoder fitted on the main chassis as it was originally designed for the Canadian market, however, a later modification saw the addition of a printed circuit PAL decoder so that it could work in Europe.

Philips 21KX100
Philips 21KX100 Single Standard K4 Chassis TV

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