South West England
Vintage Television Museum

Introduction and Frequently Asked Questions
What is the SWEVTM?

- The SWEVTM is a not-for-profit group set up to preserve and promote interest in old television and associated subjects.  

Where are you located?

- The museum is currently having premises purpose built in Mid-Devon and these will be completed by early 2010.

Can I visit?

- Well, yes and no.  As stated above, currently there is no physical museum to visit, although small tours can be conducted around the storage premises by prior arrangement.  For more information, please send an email to

Do you sell any of the exhibits?

- Generally speaking, no; sometimes, however, we will donate unwanted or duplicated items to good homes free of charge. 

I have an old TV to dispose of.  Would you like it?

- The group does have a large number of old televisions, and although we have limited space (and money), we are always on the lookout for particular types.  Very often, people donate items to the museum, and if we can't use them, we can normally find them a good home.  If an item is donated and the museum does end up using it, we will always label the set with thanks to the name of the previous owner.  If in doubt, please send an email to

I have a more technical question.  Where can I find the answer?

- Click here for technical FAQ's.

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All enquiries, please mail:

The South West England Vintage Television Museum is a not-for-profit group run entirely by donations. We are currently looking for all brands of dual-standard colour televisions.  Any condition considered.  Please click here if you think you can help.  Cash paid.  Many thanks.